Points of Interest

Are there any pre-requisites for moving to Horizons Village?

You must be over 55 years of age (or if a couple, at least one of you).

Do I need to supply a medical report to certify my ability to live independently?
Only if requested to do so by the Village Owner.


Are there any legal fees to be paid?
You will pay a Lease Registration Fee as detailed in the Disclosure Statement. Horizon Village recommends you seek independent legal advice prior to signing any documents relating to residency. You will need to pay your own legal fees.


Are there any Conveyance Stamp Duty costs?
No, the Village Owner has agreed to pay any stamp duty payable for the lease.


What are the ongoing fees and what do they cover?
The recurrent charges are payable monthly in advance and are detailed in the Disclosure Statement.

These charges cover:

  • council rates
  • water charges
  • building insurance
  • operational and maintenance costs associated with resident facilities
  • maintenance of gardens and grounds (you never have to mow a lawn again)
  • maintenance (never have to call a plumber)
  • annual pest control to external areas of villa and common areas
  • staff wages and administration costs associated with the village
  • emergency call system
  • village bus running costs

The recurrent charges are generally increased annually.


What other costs are there?
You will need to pay for electricity, gas and phone services for your Villa. We also encourage you to have a contents insurance policy that includes public liability cover.


What else should I be aware of?
You will never be required to replace an Item of capital that is owned by the operator only contribute to their repair by way of the recurrent charges you pay monthly.


Does Horizons Village have village rules?
Horizons Village currently does not have any formal village rules; however residents will be encouraged to formulate guidelines for living at Horizons Village.


Does Horizons Village have a Residents Committee?

The owners of Horizon Village will assist in the formation of a Residents Committee. Election to the Committee will take place annually. The Residents Committee would meet with both residents and management regularly.

 An off shoot of the Committee could be a Social Club which would arrange various in-house and external activities and outings.



Is there an annual budget for the village operation?
Yes. Residents are presented with the Statement of Proposed Income and Expenditure 60 days prior to the commencement of the new financial year, and are asked for approval to implement. The statement reflects the cost of operating the village in accordance with resident needs.


Am I allowed to bring my pet to Horizon Village?
Pets are permitted with management approval. All pets must be kept on a leash at all times whilst on the Village grounds. Your pet should not impact on the quiet enjoyment of the Village by other residents.


Can I have my family and friends stay with me?
Your friends and family are most welcome to stay with you.
If a guest will be staying overnight we ask that you notify the office, so that in the unlikely event of an emergency all residents and their visitors are accounted for. If your guest/s however will be staying for more than 3 weeks in any 3 month period, prior management approval is required. Residents must always supervise their guests and accompany them when using village grounds and facilities.
Your guests are not allowed to stay without the permission of management when you are not occupying your Villa.


Does Horizon Village have a caravan/boat storage area?
Yes, located throughout the village.


What happens if I want to travel whilst living at Horizon Village?
You are free to come and go as you like. That is the beauty of living at Horizon Village. Whilst you are away you can rest assured that your Villa is secure, gardens and lawns maintained, and mail collected.


What services are available?

  • There will be an emergency alarm service operating in your Villa and in the Village Centre. If an emergency arises, you simply press the help button on the transmitter. The service is monitored 24hrs a day. Your details are kept by future Monitoring Organization to enable them to assess an emergency situation. They will send whatever help may be required, whether that means sending an ambulance, police or the fire brigade, or calling village staff. If the nurse is unable to make contact, they will ask emergency services to respond immediately.
  • A Medical Centre is located within walking distance from Horizon Village.
  • A  Pharmacy is located within walking distance from Horizons Village.

General services:

  • Village transport will be provided for weekly shopping trips. Frequency of trips will increase dependent on resident need. The village transport will also be available for social outings as able.
  • At this stage we do not have any onsite support services however most community services visit our area, for example nursing, cleaning and food services will visit on a user pays basis.
  • Mail collection while you are away from the village.


What protection do I have if Horizon Village is sold?
Your Lease is registered on the Certificate of Title of the Land and this ensures your right to occupy your Villa. The terms of your lease bind any new owner. In your Lease, the village operator also promises to make sure purchaser is bound by all contracts you entered with the village operator. The Retirement Villages Act 1999 also requires a purchaser to honour all village contracts.


What happens if I want to leave Horizon Village?
You will need to give notice to management, remove possessions from the Villa and return keys.


Who is responsible for the resale of my Villa and how is the value determined?
Horizon Village can find a buyer for your Villa or you can engage an external agent. As with all residential property, prices are determined by market forces.

Who owns and manages Horizon Village?

  • RSL LifeCare